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ATP Gems and Success Stories ...

Chemistry and Materials

Electronics and Photonics

Information Technology

Life Sciences

Balancer Saves Industry Time and Money

Cost-Efficient Process Increases Natural Gass Production

New Machine Creates Superior Composite Structure

Production Gains Make Versatile Material Affordable

Saving Energy with Closed-Cycle Air Refrigeration

Saving Time with 3-Dimensional Printing

Superior, More Affordable Ultracapacitors

World’s First Corn-to-Plastics Plant Opens

ATP Helps Develop Flow-Control Machining to Increase Fuel Economy

Fiber-Optic Sensors to Monitor Deepwater Oil and Gas Pipelines

High-speed Sorting To Recycle Scrap Metal

American Auto Companies Form Consortium to Develop Structural Composites for Large Parts

Coating-Enabled Component Design: Technology Tools for Nanostructures Coatings

First Commercial Heterogeneous Catalyst Developed Using High Throughput Discovery Techniques

Worlds First Commercial Production Facility for High-Temperature Superconducting Wire

Start-up Company Commercializes Novel Plastics Technology

Unique Optical Label and Reader for Security

ATP Helps Develop the World's Most Efficient Solar Panels

ATP Helps Develop the World’s Smallest Rechargeable Polymer Battery for Use in Neurostimulation

Extended Portable Power Through Innovative Integration of Energy Technologies

ATP Helps to Develop Field Emission Display Technology To Demonstrate High Definition Television

ATP Helps Process to Manufacture the Next Generation Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) Chips

Highly Efficient Solar Cells

Holographic Diffusers that Can Efficiently and Cost Effectively

Innovative Optics Technology to Focus X-Rays and Neutrons

Low-Cost Amorphous Silicon Manufacturing for Digital Mamography and Other Uses

Ancient Math System Delivers Breakthrough in Digital Signal Processing

ATP Helps to Simplify and Reduce Software Maintenance and Upgrade Costs

Tool Debugs Component-based Software

ATP Helps Advance Testing Security in E-commerce

High Temperature Imaging System to Improve Process Inspection

Good Digital Images Improve Surveillance

Security Framework to Exchange Data That Enhances Productivity

Palm Pilot Uses Partially ATP-Enabled Handwriting Recognition Technology

Advanced Optimization Technology to Enhance Business Decision Making

ATP Helps Consortium Develop Technology to Prevent Manufacturing Accidents

Software to Develop Cognitive Skills

Web-Based Technologies that Drastically Change Industrial Product Design

Model Driven Intelligent Control of Manufacturing

Fighting Disease with Zinc-Finger Proteins

Repairing Hearts with Universal Adult Stem Cells

Unlocking the Human Genome

ATP Helps Develop Technology to Design Protein-specific Drugs

High-performance, Biodegradable Plastics that are Renewable and Eco-friendly

Generic Technologies for the Targeted Detection and Cleavage of DNA and RNA

Integrated Microfabricated Devices for DNA Typing

Kent SeaTech Increases Fish Farm Yield and Recycles Water for Neighboring Agricultural Irrigation

Date created:  August 21, 2007
Last updated: October 4, 2007

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