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Stephanie Shipp, Director
Economic Assessment Office
Telephone: 301-975-8978
Facsimile: 301-975-4776

Date created: February 23, 2000
Last updated: October 19, 2011


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Economic Assessment Office (EAO)
Evaluation is an integral part of ATP's system of continuous improvement . . .

Our vision is to become the premier source of technology innovation data and a leader in the practice of evaluation with economic underpinnings, and build a research community that uses our unique data.  Using internal and external research and analyses, EAO anticipates ATP planning needs and integrates EAO findings into ATP project selection, management, and outreach activities.


Our focus is on measuring the success of ATP by planning, developing, and implementing ATP's evaluation program.  EAO's assessment work is core to ATP's mission to fund high risk and innovative technologies that can raise our nation's competitiveness and benefit society.


Our goals are to produce relevant and timely products for ATP and our stakeholders, build a strong data infrastructure for more productive research, develop evaluation expertise and disseminate findings, and align organizational expectations with our strategic plan.

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ATP-Funded Green Process Technologies

Findings from Survey of ATP Applicants 2004

Placing Innovation: A GIS Approach to Identifying Emergent Technological Activity

Measuring ATP Impact: 2006 Report on Economic Progress (Revised March 2007)

Economic Impact of ATP's Contributions to DNA Diagnostics Technologies

Surveying R&D Professionals by Web and Mail: An Experiment

Factors Affecting U.S. Production Decisions: Why Are There No Volume Lithium-Ion Battery Manufacturers in the United States?

Regional Innovation Index™

The Network-Centric Innovation Imperative: How Manufacturers Work With Their Suppliers to Develop New Products

ATP and the U.S. Innovation System: A Methodology for Identifying Enabling R&D Spillover Networks

Sustainable Collaboration: A Study of the Dynamics of Consortia

Determinants of Success in R&D Alliances

Findings from the Advanced Technology Program's Survey of Joint Ventures

Toward a Standard Benefit-Cost Methodology for Publicly Funded Science and Technology Programs

Bridging from Project Case Study to Portfolio Analysis in a Public R&D Program: A Framework for Evaluation and Introduction to a Composite Performance Rating System

Identify Technology Flows and Spillovers Through NAICS Coding of ATP Project Participants

Understanding Private-Sector Decision Making for Early-Stage Technology Development: A "Between Invention and Innovation Project" Report

Photonics Technologies:  Applications in Petroleum Refining, Building Controls, Emergency Medicine, and Industrial Materials Analysis

Factors Affecting U.S. Production Decisions: Why are There No Volume Lithium-Ion Battery Manufacturers in the United States?


New product ...
Regional Innovation Index™, an online tool that integrates hundreds of data sets drawn from various innovation literatures into a single virtual system designed for benchmarking the innovative capacity of regions ... GO >


Early results ...
Performance of Second 50 Completed Projects: Status Report Number 3 - February 2006.
Performance of First 50 Completed Projects: Status Report Number 2 - December 2001.


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2004 Award Statistics

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