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ATP's 2000 competition closed on March 8, 2000. A total of 416 applications were received.

The Advanced Technology Program announces the opening of its 2000 competition to support innovative, cost-shared industrial research and development under the Advanced Technology Program. The ATP has approximately $50.7 million dollars in fiscal year 2000 for first-year funding of new projects.

Competition Full
00-01 Competition Competition Closes March 8, 2000
3:00 P.M. Eastern Time

This year ATP is conducting one competition, using the same competition structure and selection criteria that it used during the 1999 competition. The ATP competition is open to proposals from any area of technology, and the subjects of ATP research projects are proposed by industry. Proposals will be evaluated based on two criteria: their scientific and technological merit and their potential for broad-based economic benefits. These two criteria are weighted equally.

Peer review of each proposal will be done by one of several technology-area boards, each of which is staffed with technical and business experts in that specific area. The technical areas of the boards are likely to remain the same as last year: Electronics and Photonics, Chemistry and Materials, Biotechnology, Information Technology, and Manufacturing. Incoming proposals will be assigned to the board most qualified to review them so that they are evaluated in competition with other proposals from similar fields.

Applicants may, if they wish, submit abbreviated pre-proposals to the ATP to receive feedback from the ATP as to suitability of the proposed project. Starting in FY1999, ATP will accept and provide feedback to pre-proposals throughout the year. See Appendix E of the ATP Proposal Preparation Kit for instructions on submitting pre-proposals.

Highlights from ATP 2000 Proposers' Conference
This is a complete collection of the ATP Proposers' Conference presentations. There are a lot of graphics on each of these documents. If you are having trouble please request a copy from us by phone:  1-800-ATP-FUND or 1-800-287-3863.

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